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76456-Poker Night-ElizabethMarxs
Poker Night
1 months ago

I have gone through all my wardrobe and have decided to sell some of these items to you all. I have had many ask, and finally you can purchase it! 

Just head to and then email to purchase.

I will be uploading more wardrobe items over the weekend.


Love you all

1 years ago
38692-New set!-ElizabethMarxs
New set!
1 years ago
Getting back to it!

I just shot something new and I am so excited about it!! 


Its a little odd to get back to shooting after a long 10 month break. But I missed it so much. Doing photoshoots is like breathing air to me. Its what keeps me motivated.


I am almost back down to my pre baby weight, but theres still some work to be done!


Here's a preview!

4 months ago
40034-Window Series-ElizabethMarxs
Window Series
1 years ago
37952-New Shoot-ElizabethMarxs
New Shoot
1 years ago

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